Rheem Criterion II

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Criterion II Features
When it comes to value and innovation, the Criterion II gas furnace offers you a full range of important features--based on proven designs and reliable leading edge technology.

1. Integrated Furnace Control
Our solid-state integrated furnace control board is the "brains" of the Criterion II. Using dependable computer technology, it controls the different components of the furnaces--such as the blower and inducer motors--to give you a maximum heating capacity and improved efficiency. The control features low speed continuous fan operation and accessory terminals. The furnace control also carries a five-year limited warranty.

2. Induced Draft Blower
We designed this draft-inducing blower to work specifically with our exclusive heat exchanger. The blower quietly and reliably pulls hot combustion gases through the exchanger and vents them safely outdoors when the furnace is in the heating cycle. The blower is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

3. Ignition Systems
Our hot surface ignitor is an extremely efficient way to ignite the gas from the burners when the furnace cycles on. With hot surface ignition, there is no electronic ignition spark and no need for a standing pilot. During operation, the remote flame sensor constantly monitors the status of the burner flames.

4. Gas Valve and Manifold
When integrated furnace control signals the furnace to cycle on, it first waits for the hot surface ignitor to heat up, then it opens the gas valve. This 24-volt, slow opening valve is a redundant valve that smoothly delivers gas in a regulated flow to the in-shot burners for quieter operation.

5. In-Shot Burners
Our in-shot burners are carefully matched to the heat exchanger. Their shutter-free design requires no adjustments to regulate the air/gas mixture. In fact, they are designed to produce the most efficient air/gas mixture possible, which means heat is transferred into your home more efficiently.

6. Heat Exchanger
The heat exchanger is the heat of the Rheem Criterion II Gas Furnace--a revolutionary design so innovative that is carries three patents. It's smaller than virtually any other primary heat exchanger on the market and is constructed of aluminized and stainless steel to resist corrosion and thermal fatigue. It carries a twenty-year limited warranty.

7. High Efficiency Blower Unit
The high efficiency blower directs warm air filtered through the duct work to comfortably heat your home. There are no belts or pulleys that can fail you or wear out.

8. Easy Access Washable Filter

Regularly changing the air filter on your furnace is important because a dirty filter cuts the efficiency of your furnace and strains its components. We've solved this problem by making available a permanent washable filter that is easy to get to and easy to clean.


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